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In 2100, an asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creates an impressive fireball, burns up everything, and destroys the world. Human and other species’ life is facing extinction. However, the 5 types of doge breeding in secret laboratories will incredibly alter the natural world. With a gene variant, these Fantasy Doge could absorb the unique energy from meteorites and the evolution brings them new strength and superpower that Fantasy Doge can cast spells.

Leaving the laboratory, Fantasy Doge has the adventure to search for the life left in the world. But what are the biggest challenges that they will face in the future?

Let’s discover this in the Fantasy Doge’s story.

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Fantasy Doge Ecosystem

Fantasy Doge Ecosystem is the world’s first Doge Gaming Union for players where NFT Gaming and Defi are combined perfectly to cheer the players and enable the users to earn a passive income.


4% fee of every buy and sell transaction is redistributed automatically to the holder’s wallet.

Fantasy Doge Game

Fantasy Doge Game is not just a game. Fantasy Doge is also the remaining population in the destroyed world, the last 5 fantasy Doge survivors trying to find a way to save their world.
With 2 modes, including PVE and PVP, players can choose the mode and build a powerful army for themselves, fight to win the crown. In-game items will be collected in battles with value will depend on the rarity. Besides, the crown and items for characters are available in the Fantasy Doge Marketplace that players can buy or sell them.

Fantasy Doge Swap

Fantasy Swap focus on security and support to launch new token in crypto.
Players can buy or sell tokens $FTD and another newly listed token on Fantasy Swap with security, low gas fee and high transaction speed.


Most frequent Questions and answers:

Fantasy Doge includes BUSD rewards for holders, Fantasy Game, Fantasy Marketplace (where players can buy or sell in-game items) and Fantasy Swap.

The reward will be automatically redistributed to the holder’s wallet every 30 minutes or you can claim in the write function in the Fantasy Doge contract.

We will redistribute BUSD as rewards. 

We would recommend a 9% slippage for buying and 11%-14% for selling. However the higher slippage is better when launched due to the high impact of token price

Immediately right after the launch.


You can join the Fantasy Doge Community to stay tuned to all sale related announcements.